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This is the perfect traffic system to have because you can relax, knowing that your business is being promoted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the world wide web while running completely in the background.

When our visitors click a link, banner or specific domain category, they will see a full-page AD-FREE display of a paid Gateway member in our system (so LIVE advertising is always delivered) just as others will view your website, page or business link while it continuously spans our 14-year traffic network, which is currently comprised of over 700 (and counting) new and aged domain names. When they click on your page content, they are cookied to you.

We categorize and place your link in our domain network, so all you need to do is send us your product, business or favorite website URL and plug-in. Our web traffic is ready-made with no hosting, downloads, monthly maintenance or technical expertise required. No need to hire a programmer, nor pay someone 1000's of dollars to build you a website or spend potentially 100's of dollars or more on domain names and high-cost traffic servers.

14 years in service

More importantly, advertising is vital to every business, so we provide high-visibility full-page advertising on multiple marketing platforms and social media websites all OVER the net - you don't need to log in, remember passwords, research or buy additional systems and you can modify your links anytime by simply sending us a change request with your new URL(s) of choice - it's as close to push-button marketing as you can get!

With approximately 180,000+ new websites a day being added to the Internet and the fact that we acquire additional domains on a regular basis, our service makes your advertising dollar go even further and provides an exceptional dollar value for a fraction of what other companies would have you pay monthly.

As an added value benefit, you will be permanently Grandfathered into our LTD system (never pay another dime), receive your own custom page (like this one) and always given 'first mover advantage' as we continue to provide real-time products via our evergreen Traffic Network, plus you will never be charged for any changes or add-ons we make to the current system or business model.
Here is why our Live Web Traffic beats paid traffic time after time. By relying exclusively on paid traffic you actually pay a 'double price' ... The first is in 'ad costs' and the other in conversion value because paid or list traffic doesn’t convert nearly as well as natural search engine or domain web traffic does. In fact, there is NO real measure of traffic which converts better than link traffic coming from organic searches and live domains.

People using search are actively looking for solutions that they’ll GLADLY pay for, but no one logs onto Social Media websites purposely to buy products, and if they do, it’s typically low-ticket impulse sales.

We're doing something different with traffic and your one-time investment delivers a lifetime of organic search engine traffic - so if you like the idea of an easy to use platform and generous $100 Instant Commissions (paid in 24 hours or less) based on something the whole world wants and needs? ... then this is just right for you.

Imagine - The confidence you'll have knowing your product, business or service is being displayed to 100's of thousands (eventually even millions) of buyer qualified, highly responsive, link savvy Internet marketers, for life!

Now for the BEST part - this is 'phase 1' of our GatewayHits Traffic release and those who participate with us during our pre-launch enrollment will be Foundered, with just a limited number of total founder placements ever available for purchase in the overall network.

You may have up to 3 URL's in our system at any given time and we'll place your links as fast as humanly possible or quickly as time permits because we really ARE a live traffic network monitored by real people - change links anytime by just submitting a request via email - it's that easy.

These exclusive lines of membership will follow us directly into 'phase 2' of our income producing model and enjoy ELITE status within our world premiere traffic platform and marketing system 'DownlineDirect', where you will enjoy unlimited opportunity (including company sponsored genealogy placement for founders only), with the most unique and innovative concepts in online marketing today. Every single person that sells a product, business or service needs LIVE traffic if they want to succeed, and that's exactly what we provide on a daily basis. The most sought-after commodity on the Internet today.

We hope you'll decide to join us in GatewayHits and become a founding member in DownlineDirect - it's an incredible lasting value and once in a lifetime opportunity that will never be repeated again. While countless 1000's will utilize membership benefits, only a select few will enjoy this distinguished position with the greatest value, most flexible options and unmatched rewards in the industry today. It's a stone-cold fact that LIVE traffic can be effective, profitable and affordable with our LTD system.

So to Recap - you'll get 3 URLs live on the web - your own Gateway Page, 1 Banner and 5 Custom Links (just like below) with Unlimited AD-FREE Impressions for LIFE ...
Additionally, we share all kinds of unadvertised member give-aways and value-packed info products.
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GatewayHits says it ALL - these exclusive positions are only available while they last through open enrollment, so get your own Gateway account right now to become a founder and take advantage of the best LIVE marketing on the Internet today, and so much more to come.

SPECIAL NOTICE: This is a lifetime digital product and live web traffic begins immediately, so positions are non-refundable as we do not employ scarcity techniques - once these positions are sold out, they are truly gone forever. Please be certain you wish to participate in our business model - thank you!

Wishing You Unlimited Success!
Upon successful check-out, please read carefully and make sure to follow the link through your payment processor that will direct you to our 'Thank You' page and link submission form. To ensure complete accuracy, please email or forward a copy of your receipt to: gatewayhitstraffic@gmail.com - ATTN: Sara McDonald/Admin ...

Should you lose Internet connection or if your link becomes lost or broken, or we are not back in touch with you relatively fast (usually right away) - don't panic, simply submit your information via our on-site contact form or connect with us directly via telephone call or email - your purchase is SAFE with us and we provide heroic customer service.
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